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www.desw.gov.in.scholarship 2023 Apply Online-The www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023 is a social welfare scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aimed at benefiting Class 10th and 12th students. This scholarship program, managed by the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB), aims to provide financial assistance and support to deserving students who have successfully completed their 12th-grade education. Through this initiative, the government aims to promote higher education and empower the youth of the nation.

The www.desw.gov.in/scholarship 2023-24 program covers a wide range of courses and is open to students from various backgrounds. It offers a golden opportunity for students to pursue their desired fields of study without financial constraints. By providing scholarships, the government intends to ensure that talented individuals are not hindered by economic limitations and can unlock their full potential.

www.desw.gov.in.scholarship 2023

Scholarships From Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) Govt of India
Last Date to Apply November 2023
Official Website to Apply https://www.desw.gov.in and https://ksb.gov.in/
Contact FormPhone: 23011804 Fax: 23015933 Email: jsesw[at]nic[dot]in Address: 99-A, South Block, New Delhi-110011

To apply for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship, students can visit the official website of the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) at http://ksb.gov.in. There, they will find detailed information about the eligibility criteria, courses covered, priority categories, and the online application process. The website provides a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for students to access all the necessary information and submit their applications seamlessly.

In the following sections of this blog post, we will delve into the eligibility criteria, application process, and other essential details that prospective applicants need to know. We will provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply online for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship, ensuring that students can navigate through the process with ease and maximize their chances of securing this valuable scholarship opportunity.

www.desw.gov.in.scholarship 2023 Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023, candidates need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Ward of Ex-Servicemen/Widows of Ex-Servicemen:
  • The applicant should be the child or dependent of an Ex-Serviceman or a widow of an Ex-Serviceman.
  • The Ex-Servicemen should have served in the Army, Navy, Coast Guards, Air Force, or other military martyrs.
  1. Educational Qualification:
  • Applicants must have passed the 10th, 12th, or Diploma examination from a recognized board, institution, or university.
  • The educational institution from which the candidate completed their education should be approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), UGC (University Grants Commission), or MCI (Medical Council of India).
  1. Course Eligibility:
  • Students who wish to pursue courses like BE (Bachelor of Engineering), B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), B.Ed (Bachelor of Education), B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy), etc., are eligible to apply under this scheme.
  1. Distance Learning and Foreign Education:
  • Candidates who have completed their master’s degree through distance learning or from a foreign educational institution are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  1. Age Criteria:
  • The applicant should be a minimum of 18 years old and a maximum of 25 years old at the time of application.

Meeting these eligibility criteria is crucial to be considered for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023. Candidates should ensure that they fulfill all the requirements before proceeding with the online application process. It is advisable to have the necessary documents and certificates ready to provide accurate information during the application submission. By meeting the eligibility criteria, candidates increase their chances of securing this valuable scholarship opportunity.

www.desw.gov.in.scholarship Documents

When applying for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023 online, candidates need to have certain documents ready for submission. These documents serve as proof of eligibility and help in the verification process. The required documents may include:

  1. Identification Proof:
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Any other government-issued identification document
  1. Academic Records:
  • 10th, 12th, or Diploma mark sheets/certificates
  • Graduation mark sheets/certificates (if applicable)
  • Post-graduation mark sheets/certificates (if applicable)
  1. Proof of Admission:
  • Admission letter or offer letter from the educational institution where the candidate intends to pursue their chosen course
  1. Income Certificate:
  • Income certificate issued by a competent authority (e.g., Tehsildar, Income Tax Department) to validate the financial status of the candidate’s family
  1. Caste Certificate (if applicable):
  • Caste certificate issued by a competent authority for candidates belonging to reserved categories
  1. Disability Certificate (if applicable):
  • Disability certificate issued by a competent medical authority for candidates with disabilities
  1. Ex-Servicemen Certificate:
  • Certificate of service or discharge certificate of the Ex-Serviceman parent/guardian
  1. Widow Certificate (if applicable):
  • Certificate of widowhood issued by a competent authority for widows of Ex-Servicemen
  1. Bank Account Details:
  • A valid bank account passbook or canceled cheque leaf in the name of the applicant or the parent/guardian

It is essential to provide clear and legible copies of these documents during the online application process. Candidates should ensure that all documents are up-to-date and authentic. It is advisable to keep both physical and digital copies of the documents for future reference and verification, if required. By submitting the required documents accurately, candidates enhance their chances of successfully applying for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023 and availing its benefits.

www.desw.gov.in.scholarship Application Process

To apply for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023, follow the step-by-step application process at the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) website:

  1. Visit the online application page: Go to the official website of the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) and navigate to the online application page for the scholarship. (http://ksb.gov.in/)
  2. Access the Application Form: Once on the application page, a new page will open with the Application Form. This form will consist of two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.
  3. Fill out the Application Form: Complete all the fields in both Part 1 and Part 2 of the application form. Provide accurate and up-to-date information, including personal details, educational background, family information, etc. Ensure that you enter the correct information in each field.
  4. Review the Entered Details: After filling in all the required information, cross-check the details you have entered. Verify that there are no errors or omissions in the form. It is important to double-check all the information for accuracy.
  5. Verification: Complete the verification process as indicated in the bottom section of the application form. This may involve entering a verification code or solving a simple math problem to ensure that you are a real person and not a bot.
  6. Submit the Application: Once you have reviewed and verified all the details, click on the “Submit” button to submit your application. By doing so, you officially send your application for consideration.
  7. Confirmation Email: After submitting the application, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address you provided. This email will serve as a confirmation of your application submission. It is recommended to keep this email for future reference.
  8. Download the Acknowledgment: Upon receiving the confirmation email, download the acknowledgment document provided. This document may serve as proof of application submission and can be helpful for future communication or reference.

By following these steps, you can successfully complete the online application process for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023. It is important to ensure that all information provided is accurate and supported by relevant documents. Make sure to adhere to any specified deadlines and keep copies of all submitted documents and acknowledgments for future use.

www.desw.gov.in.scholarship Amount

Students who are selected for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023 will enjoy several benefits and rewards. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to eligible candidates, empowering them to pursue their higher education goals. The rewards offered under the scholarship program include:

  1. Scholarship Reward for 12th Pass Candidates:
  • Students who have passed their 12th grade with a minimum of 75% marks will receive a monthly scholarship reward of INR 1000.
  1. Higher Scholarship Reward for Exceptional Performance:
  • Candidates who have scored an outstanding 85% marks or above in their 12th grade examinations will receive a scholarship reward of INR 25,000 per annum.
  1. Scholarship for Professional Course Students:
  • Students enrolled in 4 to 5 years professional courses like BE, B.Tech, BBA, BCA, BDS, MBBS, B.Ed, B.Pharma, etc., will be eligible for a scholarship amount of INR 2000 per annum.
  1. Scholarship Renewal:
  • The scholarship can be renewed for subsequent years by submitting the bonafide certificate to the DESW board on the specified dates. This allows students to continue receiving the financial support throughout their course duration.

The www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023 provides financial relief to deserving candidates, reducing the burden of educational expenses. By availing this scholarship, students can focus on their studies and pursue their chosen courses without financial constraints. The rewards offered aim to motivate and encourage students to excel in their academic pursuits.

It is important for applicants to meet the eligibility criteria and complete the application process accurately and within the specified timelines. By doing so, students increase their chances of being selected for the scholarship and enjoying the associated benefits and rewards.

www.desw.gov.in.scholarship 2023 Apply Online More information contact here

For more information and inquiries regarding the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023, you can contact the following person:

Name: Dr. Pudi Hari Prasad
Designation: Joint Secretary (ESW)
Phone: 23011804
Fax: 23015933
Email: jsesw[at]nic[dot]in
Address: 99-A, South Block, New Delhi-110011

Dr. Pudi Hari Prasad, as the Joint Secretary (ESW), can provide further guidance and assistance regarding the scholarship program. Feel free to reach out to the provided contact details for any queries or clarifications you may have.

It is advisable to maintain a polite and professional approach when contacting the mentioned person, clearly stating your questions or concerns related to the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023.


Who is eligible for the www.desw.gov.in scholarship 2023?

The scholarship is open to children or dependents of Ex-Servicemen or widows of Ex-Servicemen.

What are the educational requirements for the scholarship?

Applicants should have passed their 10th, 12th, or Diploma examination from a recognized board/institution/university.

How can I apply for the scholarship?

Visit the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) website and access the online application form to apply.

What documents do I need to submit with the application?

You may be required to submit identification proof, academic records, proof of admission, income certificate, caste certificate (if applicable), disability certificate (if applicable), Ex-Servicemen certificate, and bank account details.

What are the rewards for selected candidates?

Candidates who have passed 12th with a minimum of 75% marks may receive a scholarship reward of INR 1000 per month. Those scoring 85% marks or above can receive a scholarship of INR 25,000 per annum. Students pursuing 4 to 5 years professional courses may receive INR 2000 per annum.

How can I renew the scholarship?

Scholarship renewal can be done by submitting the bonafide certificate to the DESW board on the specified dates.

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